Roller Shutter Steel Lintels

Keystone Roller Shutter Steel Lintel

Roller Shutter Steel Lintel

Keystone’s Roller Shutter Lintel is a unique and innovative lintel solution, designed to incorporate a security shutter system with a structural steel lintel. Integrated into the fabric of the building, Keystone’s roller shutter lintel ensures unobtrusive and enhanced aesthetics with increased security.

extended range roller shutter lintels cavity
The lintel design can cater for traditional, timber frame and off site modular construction. Popular applications include schools and colleges, health and welfare facilities, community and sport centres, commercial and prestige residential developments.

Upon request Keystone can supply CAD details of the specially developed roller shutter and can provide an extensive client support service.

  • Fully insulated box around roller shutter
  • Removable panel allows access to roller shutter for maintenance

When the shutter is in the raised position, the window or door opening looks no different from any other structural opening. In the lowered position, the system gives a secure barrier against intruder and vandalism attack.

Custom made designs such as those for curved and arched windows are also available.
The roller shutter lintel is manufactured under license to a strategic supplier of the complete integrated shutter system; including insulated cavity closer guides, the security roller shutter and the shutter control system.

Please see links below to our key partners for further details regarding the complete shutter system, including technical support and CAD details.

Concealed security shutters for ultra prime residential properties.

Concealed security shutters for public buildings; Health, Education, Community, Commercial.

Dimensions Required:

Important Notes:

Please note that Keystone supply the Roller Shutter Lintel only and
not the cavity closer guides or shutter.

Lintels Dimensions:





Lintel Height:

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