Cantilevered Walkway | Steel Structure

Structural Steel Cantilevered Walkway

Cantilevered Walkway

Architect: John Ladden

Keystone Engineer: Odhran McGoldrick

Keystone Engineer Odhran McGoldrick designed a continuous cantilevered walkway steel structure, which wraps around the existing profile of the client’s home. After numerous discussions with the client, the original specification of a 5 metre balcony was transformed into a 22.5 metre walkway.

The steel structure was manufactured from a mixture of universal beams, square and circular hollow sections bolted to a concrete ring-beam in the existing building. Specially designed fin plate bolted connections secured the walkway to Keystone galvanized steel posts. The outer flange incorporates an extended leaf to facilitate the 300mm stonework.

The most notable feature of this project is that the Keystone engineers measured, designed and detailed every aspect of the walkway. This retrofit walkway proved to be a perfect example of how Keystone’s team can be relied upon to design, manufacture and deliver onsite to the client’s exact requirements.