Continuous Heavy Duty Arches

Continuous Heavy Duty Arch Steel Lintels

Continuous Heavy Duty Arches

Architect: Todd Architects

Contractor: H & J Martin

Keystone Engineer: Chris Patterson

The arches required for the Government’s Agricultural, Food and Bio-Sciences building spanned 16.5 metres and needed to carry a 600mm thick solid stone wall. Keystone Engineer, Chris Patterson, designed the continuous five arch heavy duty system for this restoration project.

The original arches had been blocked up and supported by precast concrete lintels. The client wanted to reveal the traditional arches of the building and needed a support structure for the brickwork above. Due to the deterioration of the existing brickwork the contractor required further structural support and contacted the Keystone Technical Team to discuss a possible solution.

Steel pins were placed through the original stonework and supported from below. This suspended the upper floor of the building, whilst the deteriorated bottom floor stonework was removed. Keystone posts were then put in place and the arches bolted on top. The original brick and stone were then replaced and the structural pins removed leaving Keystone’s heavy duty arch lintels to carry the load.