Stepped Parabolic Corner

Stepped Parabolic Corner Steel Lintel

Stepped Parabolic Corner

Architect: Diamond Architecture

Contractor: Self-Build

Keystone Engineer: Kyle Alexander

Special stonework features in this elegant bungalow really make the building stand out. Mountcharles sandstone, sourced from County Donegal in Ireland, adds rich vibrant colours and texture to the external finish. For this project, Keystone Engineer – Kyle Alexander designed a stepped corner lintel with a parabolic arch to suspend over 1 tonne of stone from the outer steel shelf.

The lintel was designed to ensure that no steelwork was visible. This system works by drilling holes into the outer steel shelf. Expansion plugs are then placed into the hanging sandstone and are bolted from above through the holes in the steel shelf.

In addition to supporting the load of the hanging stone, the fully insulated lintel carries a 500mm wide wall structure above. Spanning 7 metres along the front face and returning a further 3 metres at the corner, this special lintel is a prime example of how Keystone lintels can adapt to the client’s brief.

“Keystone provided an exceptional service to create this custom built lintel. Suspending stone from the outer shelf ensured we had full structural support with no steel visible. Keystone make the Architects vision a reality.”
Joe Diamond Diamond Architecture