Stepped Triple Arch

Stepped Triple Arch Steel Lintels

Stepped Triple Arch

Architect: McCarter Hamill

Keystone Engineer: Chris Patterson

This decorative bar front provides a quaint entrance porch to a new public house. Working closely with Architects – McCarter Hamill, Keystone Engineer – Chris Patterson, designed a unique stepped triple arch lintel to facilitate the intricate details of the façade.


“It was reassuring to have Keystone’s creative technical department on hand when presented with this complex bar front. We acknowledge the invaluable support provided by Keystone, who worked as a member of the design team to ensure everything went to plan.”

Paul Hamill McCarter Hamill

Spanning 7.2 metres in length this fully insulated, 400mm wide lintel provides full structural support for the entrance porch. To enhance the overall aesthetics of the bar front, the Keystone Engineer ensured that no steelwork was visible once construction was complete. The structure also incorporates a steel ladder frame Keystone Engineer: Chris Patterson bolted to the vertical support posts. This frame provides a load bearing facility for the decorative wooden framing of the windows and doors.