Triple Bow Sun Lounge

Triple Bow Sun Lounge Lintel

Triple Bow Sun Lounge

Architect: G. M. Design

Contractor: J & D Mooney Building Contractors

Keystone Engineer: Odhran McGoldrick

G.M. Design Architects liaised with Keystone Engineer Odhran McGoldrick to develop a special triple bowed sun lounge with a glazed lantern effect for this new build.
Due to the precise onsite measurements taken by Keystone’s Engineer, the full steel structure could be slotted perfectly into place. Two parallel flange channels were rolled ‘back to back’ to create the 3.3 metre radius bows.

A steel plate which was curved on plan was welded to the channels to facilitate block work on the outer flange. Two additional smaller bows with a radius of 1.25 metres create a lantern effect in the vaulted ceiling of the sun lounge.

Spanning 6.5 metres in length with a total height of 4.7 metres this steel frame provides an elegant feature to this prestigious project.