Third party certification is extremely important for construction products. Certification means that an independent body has reviewed the manufacturing process of a particular product. It has been independently determined that the final product complies with safety, quality and conforms to British and European standards.

This valuable third party endorsement for a product’s performance gives specifiers and contractors extra reassurance that your products have been rigorously tested to industry standards.

The BBA is one of the UK’s leading bodies who offer approval, certification and testing services to manufacturers of products and systems supplying the construction industry.

Products that receive BBA certification are recognised by building control, government departments, architects, specifiers and industry insurers such as the NHBC. It is a mark of quality, safety and reliability that provides reassurance that a product is fit for purpose. It is therefore crucial for construction products or systems to achieve this certification.

BBA Certification and Lintels

Steel lintels are critical elements and should be made in a factory governed by thorough quality control manufacturing procedures. BBA certificates are awarded only to lintel companies who continuously carry out approved load testing and operate under strict quality control procedures. Keystone Lintels is one of the few companies who has BBA approval for its lintels. The Hi-therm lintel, for example, is the only thermally efficient lintel on the market that has trusted third party certification from the BBA, who have tested the design, strength, performance, durability and fire resistance to ensure the product is fit-for-purpose and meets British and European standards.

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