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keystone lintels, special, arch, brick, gateKeystone’s bespoke Special Steel Lintels provide an effective means of achieving complex shapes when designing buildings with character. A Keystone Special Lintel is ideal when shape, scale or unusual load requirements call for a bespoke approach in manufacture.

Understanding the special lintel service affords the architect confidence in the knowledge that a partner is on hand to help them deliver the individuality of their designs. This removes the doubt from the designer if delicate detailing can be delivered onsite.

Typical applications include arches over front doors and windows and can be achieved in a variety of traditional styles, from the wide Parabolic Arch to a pointed Venetian Arch. Alternatively Keystone’s team of design engineers can create a bespoke solution to accommodate any design.

keystone sun lounge lintelThere are several options including Special Lintels which go to site as bare steelwork and facilitate the creation of special openings utilising the skills of an onsite brick layer.

The second option is more of an offsite solution where the steel lintels can have brick slips applied in the factory and this approach is common for arches and more detailed designs. In this case the brick is sourced from the project’s main brick supply and slips are cut and applied in factory controlled conditions for optimum aesthetics onsite.

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