The Definitive Guide

RIBA Approved Interactive CPD

Gaining CPD Points

  • View 1-5 sections.

  • You will be asked randomly generated questions based on each of the selected seminar sections.

  • If you answer the questions correctly, and provide us with some quick feedback on your learning experience, you can download your certificate.

  • If you cannot answer the questions you will be given the option of re-entering the seminar.

The seminar will endeavour to provide;

  • An insight into the design possibilities for steel lintels

  • An opportunity to explore completed projects

  • Design guidance

  • A review of appropriate legislation

  • Standard solutions

  • Non standard designs and ‘specials’

  • Assurances of quality and speed of delivery

  • The benefits of entrusting your projects with Keystone

Ultimately, a genuine CPD learning experience that can be applied to resolve common project issues…

You can view the entire seminar, or you may select those sections that are most relevant to your needs at this time.

Section 1: Background

(Suggested Points allocation = 1pt)

Glossary of Technical Terms
History of Steel Lintels
Advantages of Steel Lintels
Manufacturing Processes
European & British Standards
Steel Lintel Manufacturers Association

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Section 2: Specification

(Suggested Points allocation = 2pts)

Selecting the Correct Steel Lintel
How to Calculate Loads
Range of Steel Lintels
Special Lintel Application
Interpretation of Literature

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Section 3: Lintel Performance

(Suggested Points allocation = 2pts)

Safe Working Load Tables
Corrosion Protection & D.P.C.
Fire Resistance
Thermal & Acoustic Implications
Environmental Considerations

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Section 4: Sales Support

(Suggested Points allocation = 1pt)

Scheduling Service
Technical Consultancy
Stocking Policy & Lead Times

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Section 5: Site Application

(Suggested Points allocation = 1pt)

On-site Handling
Case Studies

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Section 4

Section 5