Residential Development: Borth, West Wales
Products used: Special Bow Lintel
Self Builder: Lee Jenkins

Borth self build project is a private dwelling situated in the coastal village of Borth. The building stands prominent on the cliff overlooking the beautiful stretch of beach below. The carefully considered design of the property offers a vantage point for residents, with a 13.7m curved span panoramic window on the upper floor. In order to facilitate the window feature, a complex lintel solution would be required. One of our competitors had previously informed the client that a lintel solution would not be possible.

Keystone appreciates the importance of personalisation and endeavoured to achieve the client’s vision. Backed by 25 years of experience, Keystone’s technical team managed to develop a structural steel solution capable of accommodating the curved structure and unusual loading conditions.


Self-building has enabled the client to create a bespoke home, tailor made to individual lifestyle requirements. The unique dwelling demonstrates the importance of delivering a bespoke service within the lintel industry. Keystone would need to accommodate the impressive features of the property whilst considering the unusual loading conditions; this will ultimately provide a means to achieve the personalised design. The unique structure would require bespoke structural steel solutions to accommodate the fluctuation of internal and external curves above each opening. The curved perimeter of the living room required a continuous lintel to achieve the 13.7m span opening. Keystone were delighted to work with the client to find a solution to make this exciting design become a reality.


Keystone’s dedicated team of engineers worked closely with the client to develop the bespoke solution necessary for the curved opening; this included a site visit to ensure all measurements were accurate with minimal tolerance. Keystone offered a combination of straight and bespoke bow lintels, ensuring the radius specific to the opening. For both buildibility and logistical purposes, the 13.7m span
special lintel needed to be delivered in five separate components and fixed together on site via a bolt-up connection at each end of the lintel.

Keystone’s intelligent design fitted and aligned perfectly with the contours of the building, facilitating the continual curved opening. Keystone were available throughout the process to offer comprehensive technical support. Keystone offered a fast and efficient delivery service, ensuring that these special and bespoke lintels were available in days, not weeks.


“I was unsure if the vision I had for this project was even possible, but Keystone’s team of engineers offered a creative and effective solution, ensuring an incredibly personalised touch to the building.”

Lee Jenkins

Self Builder

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