Hazel Green

Residential Development: Hazel Green
Products used: Hi-therm+ Lintels
Contractor: Highbrook Homes

At the forefront of every Highbrook Homes design and construction is comfort and convenience for the homebuyer. In 2016, the group first used Hi-therm+ lintels for two plots on the Keeper’s Green Development.

Their latest project, Hazel Green, is located in the highly sought after residential area on the suburbs of Lancaster City. The development used Hi-therm+ lintels across twenty-five plots that ranged from two, three and four bedroom properties.


The homes were built to improve the energy efficiency, and factored into account both the building envelope and energy saving features.


Keystones BBA approved Hi-therm+ lintel design provides Highbrook Homes developments with a thermally efficient solution through a fabric first approach across window, door and garage cavities. The Hi-therm+ lintel is installed in the exact same way as a standard lintel but offers up to five times more thermal efficiency. The polymer isolator acts as an effective thermal break resulting in lower Psi values in keeping with Building Regulations Part L, and negates costly alternatives such as the need to build with wider cavities to meet regulations.


“We used Keystone because we believe in passive energy savings for our customer first and foremost. Minimising cold bridging is an important part of keeping a house warm and saving energy bills for customers. We install a whole array of different solutions to ensure our properties perform better than building regulation standards and this is one very important element. We also found the technical support team helpful in providing the necessary calculations to help us perform our SAP calculations to form the proposed energy rating on the finished homes.”

Chris Middlebrook

Director at Highbrook Homes


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