Future Home Standards: How we can meet Government targets and deliver sustainable housing for now and the future?

The Government has set out targets to deliver 300,000 new homes a year by the mid 20’s. In addition, they have introduced an ambitious goal for the nation to be zero carbon by 2035. So how will we meet the goals of volume whilst meeting our obligations in terms of sustainability?

Future Homes Standard has been introduced to ensure new houses will be zero carbon ready.  At design are you planning for 2035? How can you address the challenges faced for future homes standards now?

Are we in a position whereby we are building sustainable homes for the future that meet and exceed government targets, without leaving a legacy of retrofitting?

Keystone Lintels hosted a free webinar in July 2021 to discuss this with special guests; Gavin Dunne, Member of the Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC) of the UK Government and Chair of the Future Homes Standard working group and Darren Evans, Sustainability Consultant, specialising in technical sustainability in the built environment. Chaired by Ruth Slavid, experienced journalist in architecture, landscape and construction, this webinar also considered:

  • Does volume and quality affect and impact on a sustainable choice?
  • What impact will the Future Homes Standard have?
  • What are the challenges to creating buildings that achieve the desired outcomes for clients?
  • What is the key consideration to improve the fabric of the buildings (fabric first), without reliance of renewables and technologies?
  • The challenges of finding and choosing material solutions that will help us create thermally efficient homes
You can watch the webinar on demand here: www.keystonelintels.com/future-homes/