It is a legal requirement that new dwellings require an energy performance certificate on completion, so the right advice at the right time pays dividends for house builders. While there is an upfront cost of investing in the services of an energy assessor, Part L has made this a fact of life for most builders. We asked leading Energy Assessor Jon Bodington to give his case for the defence.

What is your role within AES?

My role is to ensure we’re like a sponge and soak up all the information that’s available out there. I try to steer the company in the direction the industry needs to go and to assist both our team and our clients on that journey. So my role is really about keeping close to Government and industry, ensuring we’re up to speed on what’s going on so that we can continue to provide the right solutions for our customers.

What’s next for AES Sustainability Consultants?

We’re keen to increase our base of regional developers as well as commercial developers. I believe regional companies can really benefit from our advice and the service we deliver. We can really assist them in understanding current legislation and what’s coming, what direction the Government is taking, what direction the main developers are taking, what’s happening in Europe and passing that knowledge on through our consultants.
We have a very strong service offering and have proved time and time again that we can save our clients considerable amounts of money without compromising quality.

Who is Jon Bodington?

Jon Bodington is the Managing Director of AES Sustainability Consultants, who have been trading for 11 years.
Jon previously worked as a national business development manager for an insulation manufacturer and spotted a gap in the market for a consultancy business in response to the changes in legislation in 2006. Part L 2006 was a really significant and ground breaking change, far more stringent than developers had ever known before in terms of carbon compliance and the conservation of fuel and power. Jon set up AES to offer independent advice on the ramifications of that change and the impact that it was going to have on developers in terms of the way they built houses and tested them.

So from starting the company in a garden shed to today, with an office of around 3000 square feet of floor space and over 20 employees, AES has proved to be a success year on year, even throughout the recession, AES has continued to grow. Jon has continued to invest in the company, the people and training, to enable his team of expert consultants to provide the high quality services they provide today.

Find out more about AES southern by visiting their website here.