Venetian Arch Square Bay

Venetian Arch Square Bay Lintels

Venetian Arch Square Bay

Architect: Montague Architects

Contractor: Hardwick Coleman & Whotton

Keystone Engineer: Andy Sharlot

Contractor Hardwick Coleman and Whotten approached Keystone Lintels in search of a solution to form the spectacular entrance porch feature for this project in Derbyshire.

Keystone Engineer Andy Sharlot had a meeting onsite with the contractor and the reconstituted stone manufacturer to ensure the lintel and the stone would fit together. Andy then designed a bay with a full arch to each side leg and a Venetian arch to the front. The bay was designed to carry a full storey constructed from a 300mm wide cavity wall above the lintel and to support 580mm wide stone underneath the lintel.

The lintel was then designed, manufactured and delivered to site and the lintel went up without a problem and all the stone fitted first time. Keystone proved that when something bespoke is required they can manufacture to the exact requirements.