Signature Projects

Ballina Innovation Centre

Full Arch Lintels

Coptic Cathedral

Full Arch Lintels


Special Bow Lintel


Keelson Yard

Double Brick Slip Feature Arch Lintel & Standard Steel Lintels

Keelson Yard

Willow, Juniper & Sycamore

Brick Slip Flat Gauge Arch Lintels

Willow, Juniper & Sycamore

Tyefield Place

Brick Slip Segmental Arch Lintel & Lightweight Segmental Arch Headers

Tyefield Place

Barrow upon Soar

Apex Lintel

Barrow upon Soar

Rowland Homes

Hi-therm+ Lintels

Rowland Homes

Clifton Farmyard

Corner Lintels

Clifton Farmyard

Disraeli Park

Brick Slip Flat Gauge Headers with Keystone & Bespoke Feature Brick Splayed Bay System

Disraeli Park

Wellington Court

Brick Slip Feature Corbelled Arch & Full Arch Lintels

Wellington Court

Canoe Lake Leisure Pavilion

Roller Shutter Lintels

Canoe Lake Leisure Pavilion

Station Approach

Brick Slip Feature Arch Lintels & Special Segmental Arch Lintels

Station Approach Project

Exton Park Winery

Segmental Arch Lintels

Exton Park Winery Project


Bespoke Brick Slip Feature Arch Lintels

Church Farm Barns

Brick Slip Flat Gauge Arches, Parabolic Arches and Bullseye Lintels

Rectory Croft

Apex & Hi-therm+ Lintels

River Park Villas

Flat Arch Brick Slip & Hi-therm+ Lintels

Hazel Green

Hi-therm+ Lintels

Heron Gate

Brick Slip Segmental Arch Lintels

Sandhill House

Brick Slip Arch Lintels

Magna Carta Park

Splayed Bay Lintels

Tewksbury Place

Half Apex Lintels


Standard Lintels

Whyte Gates, Kent

Brick Feature Lintels

Glazed Gable Apex Sun Lounge

A key feature in this stunning home in Magherafelt.

Highgrove House Type

Brick Feature Lintels

Glazed Gable Apex

Including cantilevered balcony.

Potters Hill

Brick Feature Lintels

Continuous Heavy Duty Arches

Agricultural, Food & Bio-Sciences Building.

Premier Inn, Farnham

Brick Feature Corbelled Arch Lintel

Octagonal Portal Frame

Designed to cater for exclusive wedding ceremonies

Tall Trees

Brick Slip Feature Lintels

Stepped Parabolic Corner

A stepped corner lintel with a parabolic arch.

Blenheim House Type

Brick Feature Arch Lintel

Angled Apex Frames

Private house, Ballykelly

Cheswick Place, Birmingham

Lightweight Brick Feature Headers

Venetian Arch Square Bay

Warren Close

Corbelled Full Arch Lintel & Splayed Bay Lintels

Special Arch Lintels & Colonnade Supports

Maxwell Road, Dublin

Brick Feature Lintels

Balcony Support Details On Large Commercial Project

Taking Quality To Higher Levels

Homes that demand special specifications.