Heron Gate

Residential Development: Heron Gate
Products used: Brick Slip Segmental Arch Lintels
Contractor: Weston Homes

The Heron Gate development by Weston Homes is a regeneration project replacing the derelict Marrable House office block with fifty-three modern new one and two bedroom apartments in Great Baddow. Ten Keystone brick slip segmental arches were required for first floor openings and connected entrances on both east and west elevations.


Weston Homes contacted Keystones technical team to design bespoke segmental arches for different sized openings, and specified a 3:2 bond brick pattern detailing for all arches using Wienerberger Terca Bramshaw buff bricks. The four smaller segmental arches on the west elevation required a 4060mm span, 450mm rise, 440mm high face brick and 215mm soffit return.


Keystones technical engineer’s load assessment determined the use of extra heavy duty lintels to withstand the masonry loads above each aperture. To provide increased support all segmental arches included a parallel flange channels behind the face of the brick and 70mm by 70mm by 5mm stud square hollow section posts used on either side of the lintel held in place by a spigot connection. Two lifting eyes were added on to each arch to improve installation offsite when manoeuvring the lintels using a crane. This negated the need for skilled brickwork to be created onsite to achieve the decorative brick pattern at a raised height, which helped to reduce any health and safety concerns.

Keystones brick slip lintels provided an offsite solution for Weston Homes to achieve consistent detailing and accuracy when replicating the brick coursing for all the arches. Keystone collected a consignment of bricks from site, cut and bonded each brick offsite using a patented system applying BBA approved construction adhesive in a factory controlled environment. This ensured that the build schedule could be continued without delay and disruption from bad weather, saving time and unexpected project costs onsite.