Developing products to provide practical onsite solutions to facilitate speed and efficiency of construction whilst ensuring the integrity of build quality and regulatory standards is a fundamental requirement of modern methods of construction. But how well do modern building components support the tradesman onsite?

Keystone Onsite is a series of videos created by tradesmen, exploring their experience of handling and installing products during a live build. How do they fair? Watch to find out..

Top 10 Tips for Installing a Lintel

Wondering how to install a lintel? Keystone Lintels has teamed up with Roger Bisby from Skill Builder to provide you with the top 10 tips when installing a lintel. Roger explores how to install a lintel and the key issues to look out for on your construction site to ensure the perfect lintel installation.

Bricklaying Steve and Alex

Bricklaying father son duo Steve and Alex demonstrate how to install a lintel above window and door openings on an extension project. They share their hints and advice to achieve a stress free lintel installation onsite.

How to Install a Windpost

Building an extension? Keystone windposts provide the necessary structural support for a large wall expanse in this Skill Builder extension build. Following guidance from a structural engineer, Skill Builder’s James demonstrates just how simple the windpost solution is and how straightforward the installation is on site.

How to Reduce Thermal Bridging with Hi-therm+ Lintels

Roger Bisby explains how the Hi-therm+ Lintel has been designed with builders in mind. The Hi-therm+ lintel is not only incredibly thermally efficient, helping to reducing thermal bridging, it is also fast and efficient to install, saving time on site compared to a traditional two part lintel.

How to Install a Special Lintel in a Renovation Project

Roger Bisby and James King demonstrate how to install a Keystone bespoke lintel on the renovation of an orangery. The lintel was designed and manufactured to meet the bespoke requirements of the project. This special lintel manufactured in two parts for ease of installation and lifted into position on the orangery project.