Clifton Farmyard

Residential Development: Clifton Farmyard
Products used: Corner Lintels
Architect: Project Design Studio Ltd
Contractor: Opal Developments

Opal Developments has created an exclusive gated community in Clifton, located near Biggleswade, on the west bank of the River Ivel. The three unique 4 and 5 bedroom new build properties are designed using Keystones bespoke corner lintels to maximise room lighting for key living and entertaining spaces.


The architects plan specified window and door openings in rooms across perpendicular walls, to increase the room view and natural light through a modern design. Keystones technical engineers were required to design bespoke corner lintels suited to the wall dimensions of each specific room, whilst factoring into account the different load bearings. Plot 1, ‘The Stables’, required the largest corner lintel for a garden room with French doors and window openings connecting the living space to the garden. Other rooms included the dining and breakfast rooms.


Keystones dedicated technical team assessed the loading conditions and identified the need for extra heavy-duty lintels for the garden room to withstand masonry, floor joist and roof truss loading. The lintels were supplied in two parts, and bolted on site to prevent damage during delivery and improve the ease of installation in line with CDM regulations, whereas the smaller lintels were pre welded together offsite.

All the lintels were supplied with customised steel support posts for each mitred corner, post sizes varied depending on load. The lintels were tailored to include factory fitted spigots located in the cavity to ensure that no steelwork was visible, with the post being encased at the corner. Keystones corner lintels created a clean and minimalistic design and achieved the architectural design feature with a contemporary twist on a bay window.


“Keystones technical expertise and support provided a practical solution for the installation of the bespoke corner lintels, and helped achieve the desired feature while increasing natural lighting within key living spaces”.

David Ginn

Owner at Opal Developments