Warren Close

Products Used:

Warren Close
Corbelled Full Arch Lintel & Splayed Bay Lintels
Beaufield Homes
ME / Iconic Designs


The porch entrance to the Warren Close property required a Corbelled Full Arch Brick Feature Lintel, faced with brick on three sides and a Keystone Corbel detail incorporated into the centre. The design and construction of the arch required the support structure to be concealed, blending seamlessly upon installation. Keystone was also challenged with producing Splayed Bay Special Lintels that incorporate Flat Gauge Brick Slip units. Keystone’s technical team identified a one piece solution that incorporated this design, while significantly enhancing speed of construction.


Keystone’s technical team identified a one piece Splayed Bay Lintel solution which incorporated the Flat Gauge Arch details required above each window. Keystone also produced a bespoke Corbelled Arch Lintel for the entrance porch, capable of carrying the load required and achieving the decorative feature.

The prefabricated brick feature units were delivered to site, ready for installation and final pointing. The units offered the contractor a significant time saving onsite, whilst also contributing towards improved safety.

The final result is an impressive display of prefabricated components, providing solutions that facilitate fast build programmes.