Maxwell Road, Dublin

Products Used:

Maxwell Road, Dublin
Brick Feature Lintels
Extend Architects & Bennett McCleary Architects
Amazon Developments


Matching the brick detailing above the doors of the existing traditional dwelling presented the biggest challenge. The new houses needed to remain consistent with the properties adjacent to them. It was important to incorporate features from the existing properties into the design to ensure a smooth transition between the old and the new.


Keystone’s Brick Feature Lintels offered a quality controlled offsite solution. Two varieties of Brick Feature Arches were designed to span the 1230mm door openings, providing a decorative feature above each doorway.

The bond pattern remained similar for each arch, however the combination of brick types varied. Bull nose bricks provided a curved edge to each Brick Feature Arch, softening the façade.

The lintels were delivered to site complete with bricks bonded for final pointing.