Cavity Trays | Refurbishment System

The Refurbishment Cavity Trays system has been specifically developed to facilitate both the insertion of a new tray into an existing wall and the repair or alteration of an existing damp proof course.

Where to Use

Where a new lean-to extension meets an existing building, the original external wall becomes an internal partition below the roof line and must be protected from dampness and the penetration of rainwater. Similarly, when a flat roof is resurfaced with added insulation, or is reconstructed as an inverted roof with top paving, the roof level may be raised and thus require the skirting and its corresponding damp proof course to be lifted.

In addition, existing cavity trays which have been poorly constructed or have rotted allowing water to leak through must be replaced.

Cavity Tray – Type RFT

Available off-the-shelf in flat-packs from a national network of stockists, the refurbishment tray combines ease of handling, ease of transportation and ease of use with complete effectiveness. It meets all current building regulations and NHBC requirements. Manufactured from polypropylene, the refurbishment tray is 620mm wide by 280mm deep and is suitable for use in all brick, block and timber-framed constructions. The large bridging piece caters for cavity widths from 50mm to 100mm.

Supplied flat, the pre-creased trays allow for easy on-site folding to the required shape including forming left and right hand end stops. A locating lip facilitates accurate placement during installation and the mastic sealant strip (protected by release paper) ensures easy and watertight overlap jointing.