International Women in Engineering Day - Gemma Watt - Keystone Lintels

With International Women in Engineering Day just around the corner, we are celebrating the valuable contribution women make in the Keystone Lintels engineering team. International Women in Engineering Day is a great opportunity to promote the growing opportunities available to women within the engineering and construction sectors. Gemma Watt, Technical Detailer Placement Student explains how her placement year at Keystone Lintels has given her a unique insight into the world of construction and engineering and has helped to expand her knowledge as she continues to study Architectural Technology and Management.

What made you want to develop a career in engineering?

From a young age I’ve always had an artistic and creative flare which encouraged me to do GCSE and A Level Art. During this period I had to choose a wide range of topics to base my projects around, all of which ended up being something to do with Architecture and Structures.

I always knew I would like to follow a career path in the Construction / Engineering industry, specifically Architecture. I previously worked alongside an Architect for work placement during my A Levels where my interest in construction grew. When applying for UCAS, I learnt that a new course was available called Architectural Technology and Management, which combined Architecture and Construction into the one. This way I felt I would be able to get an insight into a wider area of the industry and develop my knowledge.

I am now in my Third Year of University where I am undergoing my Placement year. Initially I wanted to go straight into the Architecture industry, but instead I became more specific and decided to come to Keystone Lintels where my detailing skills are put to the test.

Describe your normal working day?

Being a Technical Detailer within The Keystone Group involves many tasks including creating confirmation and production drawings. On a daily basis I work alongside the engineers to produce drawings they require to go to customers and down to production. These drawings need to be extremely accurate to make sure the lintels are all manufactured correctly and to the highest of standards. All drawings are completed on AutoCAD and within a generic template containing all the necessary information.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite part of the job would be the fact that every day is different and I am faced with difference jobs and challenges each day. I also enjoy using AutoCAD and working alongside other engineers to learn new tips within the software.

What has been your career highlight to date?

A highlight for me would be that on a daily basis I get to see the lintels that I detail and design being manufactured and sent to customers. Seeing the lintels I have designed is very rewarding.

What advice would you give to women considering a career in engineering?

If I was to give other women advice when considering a career in engineering I would simply say to just do it. I have loved every single minute within the Engineering / Construction industry as I am continuously learning new things from all different types of people in different professions.