Specifi’s built environment ‘tech-talk’ events are back for 2023 and three of the Keystone Group brands have secured spots at a number of locations throughout the series.

The series of architecture ‘tech-talk’ events bring together architects and industry experts to discuss the latest challenges and trends within the industry. Attendees are allocated 10 minutes with each industry expert to find out more about their products and services.

Keystone Lintels, IG Masonry Support and Keyfix and will be in attendance at various locations throughout the year:

  • 30th January – London (Keystone Lintels and Keyfix)
  • 7th February – Manchester (Keystone Lintels and IG Masonry Support)
  • 15th Feburary – Edinburgh (Keystone Lintels)
  • 15th March – Leeds (IG Masonry Support)
  • 17th April – Nottingham (IG Masonry Support)
  • 10th May – Bristol (Keystone Lintels and Keyfix)
  • 12th July – Cardiff (Keystone Lintels and Keyfix)
  • 2nd August – Sheffield (IG Masonry Support)
  • 23rd August – London (Keystone Lintels, IG Masonry Support and Keyfix)
  • 13th September – Birmingham (Keystone Lintels, IG Masonry Support and Keyfix)
  • 25th September – Belfast (Keystone Lintels)
  • 27th September – Dublin (Keystone Lintels and IG Masonry Support)
  • 25th October – Manchester (Keyfix)
  • 15th November – Liverpool (IG Masonry Support)

Event spaces are limited and invite only. If you are interested in attending any of these events, you should register on the Specifi website.