Private House

Residential Development: Private House
Products used: Special Lintels & Standard Lintels
Architect: Longworth Associates Limited
Contractor: Longworth Associates Limited

This extravagant property in Edwalton exhibits a range of carefully considered building materials. Regency Building & Joinery Services Ltd specialise in new builds and pride themselves on providing the very best in building services, supplying only the best quality products and services. Keystone’s industry renowned technical team identified numerous special lintel solutions throughout the residential development, including a bespoke triple arch lintel that accommodated the decorative stone feature above the front entrance.


The project in Edwalton featured a decorative stepped triple arch above the property’s entrance. Keystone’s technical team were supplied drawings by Regency Building and Joinery Services Ltd, specifying the dimensions and loading requirements for the large opening. The design incorporated three arches within a one-piece frabrication. The large centre arch above the doorway required a 1810mm span with a 905mm rise. While the two smaller arches either-side accommodated the glazed side panels, spanning 925mm with a 463mm rise. In order to aid the installation process and promote safe working practice, Keystone attached lifting eyes onto the lintel, enabling faster and safer installation using a forklift.


Adhering to the drawings supplied, Keystone identified a bespoke solution that ensured ease of installation and full structural support above the doorway opening. Spanning 4260mm, the fully insulated lintel solution facilitated a decorative stone clad element. The limestone fascia panels provided a luxurious finish to the architectural feature, complimenting the distinct walnut double doors. Keystone manufactured numerous structural galvanised steel lintel solutions throughout the residential development, including a range of full arch lintels within each elevation.


“Everything ran smoothly, from submitting my drawings to recieving the finished product onsite. The lifting eyes were very useful, resulting in the easy installation of the lintel.”

Andy Brudenell, Regency Building & Joinery

Services Ltd